Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The first beer post, but not the first beer

I am going to resist the desire to list the beers in the order that I drank them (once I thought of this blog) in order to get words down on paper. 

Saturday night, I had a Rounders beer made by the Blue Moon brewery people. I got it because I wanted to try something new and I had already tasted the regular Blue Moon a few weeks ago (see future blog post re: that).

The label said "twist of hyacinth with something, something orange" which I hope translated to "fruity beer that lightweights might like" because that would be me. 

My thoughts are: it was okay. Obviously, I have to develop a rating scheme and come back to that, but it was not too heavy (good, see lightweight comment above), but I didn't get much hyacinth or orange from it. 

It got too bitter for me to finish, so I poured out the last 2 ounces or so. I think that if I ate it with a meal I'd like it better, but not so much as a sipping beer. (Update: tried it again last night, still too harsh by itself. It is going to have to accompany something really strong to balance the taste.)

I will say that it gave me buzz really quickly, which surprised me because I had eaten beforehand to avoid that happening so fast and I had some crackers mid-beer to slow down the buzz and cut the taste a little.

I am going to think about soaking off the label and posting a pic, although I could probably go get one from their web site. I have to do a little research on fair web use first. 

Next post: I've decided to explore an interest in tea, as well. Stay tuned.